Saturday, December 30, 2017

*ROOM TOUR* Samantha Parkington's Collection

Samantha Parkington (1904): One of the original three, she was archived in 2009 and rereleased in 2014. Marketed as Victorian Era despite 1904 being The Edwardian Era. She's a rich orphan being raised by her conservative grandmother in upstate New York. She learns about the women's suffrage movement and the horrors of child labor. She fights to change conditions for the poor, and aspires to become the first woman president. In 2004, her friend Nellie O'Malley was made into the first Best Friend doll to coincide with the release of Samantha's movie.

I have a few of the larger pieces from Samantha's collection.
PC Wicker Table and Chairs

I kept my very first DIY loveseat.

I sold my darker haired Mattel Samantha, but kept my white body Samantha. I have a few of her outfits:


  1. Hi Rhonda. I just recently got reunited with my Samantha doll from when I was a child and am so excited! I would love to be able to collect all of her items, however my budget doesn't allow for this. Anyways what a lovely tour and set up! Thanks for sharing!

    1. This is fabulous. I know you will find amazing items for her on eBay. Try Facebook groups that buy/trade/sell.