Thursday, October 17, 2013

*REVIEW* Samantha - Pleasant Company vs Mattel

Here's a look at the differences between my white body Pleasant Company Samantha and my Mattel.


  1. The 2 white bodied Samanthas I have and of all the signed first releases have much longer hair. Was your white body Sams hair possibly trimmed at 1 point? I see she has a flip up but even than it looks shorter than all of the 1st edition white body Samantha's I have seen. Their wig caps (Mattel vs white body) are completely different as well as the depth of the space of their fingers.

  2. I have her too. My Samantha is signed #85. She is one of the very first ones. She looks just like this doll. She's brand new in her box and has shorter thinner silkier hair. I have seen many signed Samanthas, and it seems that from #500 and up they have longer hair and slightly darker eyes with lashes that are not as long and curled. So, if this Samantha does have a haircut, it's very minor. Really it does not look much different than mine at all.

    1. Congrats Jules! I'm sure readers would LOVE to see photos of her. Please email some if you have time.

  3. I'm curious about the texture and feel of the eyelashes on your white body Samantha. Are they very soft or are they somewhat stiff? I have always heard how soft the earliest dolls' lashes are. My white body Kirsten has very soft lashes. I just got wb Samantha and her long, curly lashes are definitely more stiff and coarser than wb Kirsten's. My wb Samantha looks a lot like yours with the much lighter hair than what I've seen on even done other wb Samanthas. You have beautiful dolls. Thanks in advance!