Sunday, December 31, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Behind the Scenes - LADL New Blog Header

Here's a video of the making of the new blog header....

 UPDATE 2019
With so much doll news and exciting things to come in 2019, LADL will be posting regularly on our sister site - Snickerdoodle Street!

LADL will remain online strictly as a reference site.  I have been asked over the past ten months if LADL will be returning. Due to popular demand, I will be posting major doll news and help collectors stay informed. It will not be a daily event as before, but on a regular basis as news comes in.
Comments and questions are welcome! Contact and inquiries:

LADL Closing Out the Year

This year has been CRAZY! I went through the difficult and tedious task of downsizing. I decided to keep only five dolls. And because it was too difficult for me to make the cuts myself, I let Pleasant Company choose for me. I had my mind on keeping the original trinity, but decided to keep both Felicity and Addy too.

In 1986, Pleasant T. Rowland, a former educator founded Pleasant Company which is headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin.

1986 Molly McIntire, Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkington were the three original American Girls that launched the collection. These dolls had a white bodies. 1991 when Felicity Merriman was released, the bodies were changed from white to match skin color. 

Credit: AGwiki

All of my other dolls have found new homes. Most were sold, but a small portion were donated. Fortunately for me, I will always have memories and photos of my dolls right here on LADL.
LADL will continue to have a presence on AGIG and YouTube from time to time. LADL facebook is no longer, but the blog will remain as a time capsule, so please feel free to start from the beginning 2012 and read through five years of posts (whenever you have free time) by selecting on NEWER POST at the lower left of the page.

Do not forget the right side bar and top page tabs for quick reference searches. If you're on a mobile device, the right side bar can be accessed by selecting VIEW WEB VERSION.

AG Minis of Snickerdoodle Street will remain online too.

Thank you to LADL readers in the USA and around the globe in 37 countries! 

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Special thanks go to the LADL team:
Madelon, Ticia, Diana, Linda, Renee, and Robin - I couldn't have done it without these ladies!!

Thank you to:
Shosy, Shelly, Sheryl, Maxine, Fawn, Nonna, Claudia, Rina, Char, Frances and A Girl for All Time, Boy Story, Maru and Friends, Dolls from Heaven, Maria, Michelle, Vanessa, Heather, KKollect, ZaZa, Mr. Modelnut, Jen, Felicia, Cindy R., Cindy Y, Leigh, Blake, Linda D., Karen, Feedspot, FOX News, Jezebel online,  

To all of my friends in the doll community all over the world, thank you for stopping by each day. Thank you for an AMAZING FIVE YEARS! I love you all.
God bless you,

*ROOM TOUR* Molly McIntire's Collection

Molly McIntire (1944): Archived in 2013. She lives in Illinois during World War II, while her father is serving in England as a doctor, and her books are largely about adapting to the changes brought on by war. Her family's English ward, Emily Bennett, was released as a Best Friend doll in '06.

Kitchen Table & Chairs
Vanity Table
 Scenes & Settings
Nurse Katherine
 Birthday Set
Original Red Bed

DIY Projects:
Plaid Suitcase and Radio
Theater Seats
I have the following outfits:
Meet Outfit
Meet Accessories
School Outfit
Book Bag
Birthday Pinafore
Patriotic Tap Outfit 
 Polka Dot Outift
Halloween Costume
Raincoat and boots
Striped Pajamas
Anchor Robe
 Ice Skating Outfit
 Victory Garden Dress (Reproduction)
Dude Ranch Outfit (Reproduction)
  Holiday Dress
Camp Gowonagin Outfit

Molly is officially my favorite doll!

*REVIEW* Molly's PC School Desk

My mother found Molly's retired desk for me.  
It is a beautiful wooden desk with a top that lifts up to store books and papers. The desk has a groove to hold pencils. The base is heavy metal with a swivel chair. These are the materials I wish American Girl would continue to use!

I highly recommend this.