Friday, October 2, 2020

*NEWS* 6 Million Views! Thank you LADL Readers!

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

*In Store Report* New Holiday Releases - AGP Nashville


*DISCUSSION* American Girl Courtney Moore 1986 Concept - Fail? Or Fabulous?

 I want to talk about the new historical doll and share my opinion. I would love to hear feedback from mom's out there.
At first I was disappointed. I feel the concept has fallen short.
Is she maybe Mary Ellen's daughter? The Mary Ellen look-a-like is uncanny. It seems a bit lack luster to make a brand new historic concept doll EXTREMELY similar in features to an already existing one.

Second, her hair is very disappointing as I had HOPED she would have CRIMPED hair. AG has several curly haired dolls already and Courtney's hair, though supposed to be a perm, is in ringlets. An 80's perm would have layers and HEIGHT on the top and longer bangs.

They could have spiked it on top and slicked it back on one side.

Lastly, I'm VERY saddened that they didn't emphasize music enough in her collection. Pop culture was booming with movies like Back to the Future, high school films staring the "Brat Pack" while concerts were happening all over the USA. Duran Duran was EXPLODING on the music scene in 1984-85 so much so, dubbed the second British Invasion.

What about MTV?? What about VH1?? What about Headbangers Ball??

Here are some key items that I love from Courtney's collection and feel they accurately represent the 80's.

  1. PAC-MAN™ Arcade Game
  2. Splatter-Print Dress & Cropped Jacket Outfit
  3. Courtney's™ Accessories
  4. Caboodles® & Hair Accessories Kit
  5. High-Top Sneakers 
  6. Denim jacket
  7. Denim jean
  8. Sleepover set
 I dislike the following items from her collection because I feel they represent more 90's styles similar to Saved by the Bell TV show.  
1. Cardigan
2. Care Bears gown 
3. Tie (shirt is accurate)  
4. Tie & suspenders (Steve Urkel) 
5. Fanny pack 

When it comes to her bedroom, I feel that most of it is accurate though none of my friends had bunk beds. The wall pattern is great and I did own the clear princess phone! And the boombox! We all had one with our favorite store bought cassettes. We would often exchange custom playlist cassettes with our friends. It saved money on music - LOL

 Hopefully you have enjoyed our coverage of Courtney Moore!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

*REVIEW* American Girl Courtney's™ PAC-MAN™ Lunch Set


Courtney's™ PAC-MAN™ Lunch Set $25

When Courtney’s mom started her run for mayor, Courtney started packing her own school lunch in this special PAC-MAN set, which shows her love of her favorite arcade game. The set has plenty of pretend food and includes:

  • A PAC-MAN™ lunchbox with graphics just like those from the 1980s version; opens and closes so she can pack her lunch
  • An insulated container with PAC-MAN™ graphics that Courtney can use to take juice or soup to school
  • A bologna and cheese sandwich cut in half
  • A serving of apple slices
  • A serving of cheese balls that fits inside a container with a lid
  • A brownie with sprinkles in plastic wrap for dessert

PAC-MAN™&©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.