16" - 18" Doll Reviews

Here you will find a list of Doll Product Reviews as featured here on Living A Doll's Life.

A Girl for All Time:
Amelia Elliot Collection
Clementine Harper
Matilda Marchmont
Sam Liron
Lydia Peyton

Disney Animator Collection: 
Princess Belle 16" Doll 
Frozen's Kristoff 16" Doll 
Merida and Angus, Horse 
Snow White 16" Doll 
Mulan 16" Doll 
Cinderella and Royal Coach Horse 
Rapunzel and Maximus 
Ariel 16" Doll 
Frozen's Anna 16" Doll 
Pocahontas 16" Doll 
Jasmine 16" Doll
Briar Rose 16" Doll

Journey Girls (TRU):
JG Bistro Table Set 
JG Baking Set
2015 Holiday 18" Doll Giovanni Italy 
JG Lounge Set  - Furniture
18" JG Doll Chavonne 
JG 2014 Fashion Pack 
JG Pink Bicycle 
JG 2013 Fashion Pack 
Blue Cruiser Bike & Helmet

My Life As....(Wal-Mart):
School BOY Doll  
Treat Cycle
Furniture Pieces (Fall '16)
Gardening Set
Camping Accessory Set
School Boy Doll
Hispanic Dive Instructor Doll
Doll Salon Spa Chair 
Tennis Star Outfit 
Desk & Accessory Set 
Spotted Appaloosa Horse 
AA School Girl Doll 
Cupcake Baking Set (Video) 
Camp Counselor Doll 
Roller Skates & Roller Blades 
 My Life As....Snack Cart 
Figure Skater Outfit 
18" Stackable Pink Bed

Other Dolls: 
Maplelea Doll - Leonie
My Friend Cayla, Talking Doll
Alexis O'Shay
Newberry Dolls - Canada 
18" Positively Perfect Divah Zair
 Modern Girls - Michaels
20" Maru & Friends Doll 
20" Australian Girl Dolls 
18" Adora Dolls 
My Pal Boy Dolls 
Designa-Friend Hudson Boy Doll 
My Twinn 18" Doll 
Pixar Talking Boo Doll (Monsters Inc) 
Disney Classic Friends Doll 
18" Texas Girl Dolls (H-E-B) 
A Life Of Faith 18" Dolls 
Chad Valley Designa-Friend 18" Dolls - UK 
Maplelea 18" Dolls 
Gotz Elizabeth Cady Stanton 
Heidi Ott 19" Dolls

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