Friday, February 24, 2017

*REVIEW* DAC Briar Rose - Disney Week

Disney Sleeping Beauty Aurora
She is one of my all time favorite princess. She loves animals and was raised in the woods by three magical fairies. 

Her heads tilts and she has beautiful blue eyes. 


Reviews of DAC dolls:


  1. She is adorable, Diana! Nice settings, as always from you :)

  2. Sleeping Beauty is my eldest's favorite princess! She gets confused about her eyes though, since they are brown in the movie, then turn blue after the curse is broken. On merchandise Disney usually gives her violet eyes. Eldest is never quite sure which color to use when drawing :)

    She's a cutie! I like how they kept the pronounced shape of her eyes, and made her bangs, and her little owl friend! The scene is great, she really looks like she in the woods.