Sunday, August 4, 2013

*Opening* New Doll Nellie

I actually had a Nellie doll back in November and for some reason just didn't bond with her. But now Nellie's time has come! My interest in Samantha's world and collection has grown. My first Nellie arrived with no clothes and no accessories. I never really purchased any clothes for her, later I bought her holiday dress and eventually sold her in that dress just before Christmas. I am ready to collect for Nellie now. 

This story is quite an ordeal. First Nellie was lost in the mail and though I paid priority shipping she took much longer to get here. I spoke with two different USPS and no one knew where she was - tracking # problem. But now she is here! 

Welcome Nellie!


  1. Sometimes it happens this way. I guess the other Nellie doll just wasn´t the Nellie that was meant for you, and the one that was has finally found you ;-)

  2. Poor Nellie!
    She's been through so much.

  3. This poor doll went though a lot. The eyelashes bug me too! They should have said something! She is missing her tights, hat, hair ribbon n her penny. Besides all that she looks good! I hope you enjoy her! She is my daughter's favorate.

    1. Her lashes have since been repaired :-) I am working on getting her hat. She now has tights and hair bow. More updated photos of Nellie soon. Thank you!! :-)