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*REVIEW* Samantha's Scenes & Settings - The American Girl's Collection (Video)

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 Samantha and Grandmary lived in a grand and glorious house in Mount Bedford, New York. Wealthy Victorian families thought of their homes as showpieces, so "busy" houses--with many shapes and details--were popular during this time. Trees, shrubs, and flower beds surround Samantha's house just as a frame surrounds a painting. The house was called a gingerbread house because of all the fancy details.

 Mrs. Hawkins's kitchen was always bustling with activity. On any day, the butcher, the baker, the milkman, or the iceman might be making deliveries, while the scullery maid clattered dishes in the sink and pots bubbled on top of the range. Even in this well-equipped kitchen, the meals took a lot of time, planning, and hard work. 

 Every detail of Samantha's room was fine and fanciful, from the curvy brass headboard on her bed, to the lacy bedspread, to the swallows swirling and dipping along the top of the wallpaper. Samantha liked to imagine that she was a princess resting in a magical kingdom all her very own. 

 In many ways, Samantha's classroom looked just like the room of a fine private home. That's because that is what it was--a room in Mrs. Crampton's own house. She stocked her classroom with modern equipment and cultural objects.

 At the turn of the century, ice cream parlors like Tyson's were the height of elegance and glamour. With their gleaming marble counters and tall columns, many ice cream parlors seemed more like Roman temples than soda fountains. No meeting place was more fashionable or respectable. 

 To Samantha, Grandmary's summerhouse in the mountains was the most magical place in the world. Days at Piney Point were active ones. Rain or shine, Samantha and her cousins never ran short of things to do. 

I use several pages from this over sized book in my Doll Room. You can unlock the spine and use individual pages.

You can see a VIDEO of each page

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