Wednesday, December 27, 2017

*ROOM TOUR* Felicity Merriman's Collection

As LADL ends the year, I will be showcasing the Secret Doll House and show each doll space.

Felicity Merriman (1774): Archived in 2011, re released in 2017. Fiery Redhead, daughter of a merchant family in Virginia as The American Revolution approaches. Her series has a lot of plots focusing on the conflict of independence vs. loyalty to tradition. Her creation led to Pleasant Company completely remaking their dolls to have flesh tone bodies, as Felicity's period clothing featured plunging necklines. Eventually her friend Elizabeth Cole was made into a Best Friend doll in '05.

Felicity's area didn't change much because she has always lived in the secret doll house. The only thing I got rid of was a cabinet. Her DIY 4-poster bed and her DIY travel trunk remains. She has always used a Springfield Collection drop-leaf table and a Windsor chair. I also have her Tea treats.

Previously owned items:
 Baby Polly and Cradle
Scenes and Settings

I own these outfits:
Tea Lesson Gown
Holiday Dress
Red Cape
Green Riding Habit
 BF Accessories
BF Undergarments
BF Meet Dress
Spring Gown (without pinner)

My dream is to own Felicity's Colonial Carriage

I store Felicity's Clothing on hooks near her space. 


  1. Love Felicity! I bid on her Scenes and Settings a few years ago and won the bid. Included with the Scenes and Settings was her bed, mattress, pillow and night stand! I was thrilled!

  2. So beautiful. So glad you have Miss Felicia remaining in your Collection. She is a favorite of Ours.

  3. I love your doll room for her. :). Her collection was so nice! This makes me want to reread her books!

  4. Thanks for sharing.I like Felicity. I couldn't wait for the release of BF Felicity. I wanted to have Felicity to go with the books. For me Felicity is already defined and the eyebrow change just made me feel that it was another way AG was attempting to remake all the historical dolls. So i was torn about getting the BF version or an older one on eBay. In the end I was lucky enough to find an older one in good condition with the older meet dress and the tea dress, that I intended to purchase if I went with the BF version. I'm thrilled with Felicity, and would like to get the older undergarments for Felicity.

    1. Yes, congrats on the older Felicity. I think the BF and PC versions look completely different.

  5. Alas, still on my wish list but I love seeing yours!