Thursday, March 19, 2015

*Review* Baby Polly and Cradle (Felicity's Sister)

EXCITED doesn't even begin to describe how I felt when I won the auction for Polly Merriman! I do not own any Bitty Babies, or baby dolls for that matter, but I really adore this set!

Baby Polly and Cradle was released in 2005 in association with Felicity: An American Girl Adventure (Nov 29, 2005) then retired in 2009. Retail cost $48.

Polly is a mini 9" Bitty Baby with blond (airbrushed) hair. Her blue eyes are painted on. She has a cloth body, neck strings and vinyl limbs that can’t hold a pose.

  She doesn't have a diaper, I'll have to make one. 

The dress is a champagne colored charmeuse with ruffled details - the pink satin ribbon holds the bonnet on. 

It would have been great if they had made another outfit for her. I have seen some on etsy from time to time.

The cradle is solid wood and has a dark stained finish. It can be rocked when on a hard surface or floor.  

The striped mattress is basic and comes with a matching sheet. It is just big enough to cover her, but you can't wrap her in it. I'll have to make a receiving blanket.

I have never seen a catalog image of Polly Merriman, if anyone has an image from an AG catalog 2005-2009, please email it.


  1. I love the last two pics! :) Felicity will make a fantastic older sister.
    Congrats on getting Polly!!

    - Ellie

  2. Awe! So adorable. I never knew Polly existed until I started watching Our Dolls on Youtube. She's so adorable. Awesome find!!! :)

  3. WOW! I never knew she existed! Great find!

  4. American Girl actually made a baby sister for Felicity? I never knew they sold her! Cute Baby!

  5. I'll look. I think I do have an image. My niece got this set and we got the modern one with the stroller (I'll dig her out & send you pics) that was out at the same time :)