Thursday, December 28, 2017

*ROOM TOUR* Kirsten Larson's Collection

Kirsten Larson (1854): One of the original three, archived in 2010. Swedish immigrant to Minnesota in Pioneer Times. The series focuses on the difficulties of adapting to a new life in harsh surroundings and features many staples of "frontier" stories, such as scary weather, a strict schoolmarm and a secret Native American friend.

 Currently Kirsten is sharing half of a shelf space with Addy
My Kirsten collection is small. A lot of what I had, were DIY projects. Both her bed/friendship quilt and the scenes and settings book found new homes.

All that is left is her trestle table and one chair

I have a few of Kirsten's outfits:
Summer Dress
Baking Outfit
Winter Skirt
Winter Skating Coat
Birthday Outfit
Sari Doll

I would love to have more of Kirsten's items, but they can be pricey on the secondary market.


  1. Kirsten may be my favorite AG doll. I also have her Scenes and Settings. I would like another one so that I could take it apart as you did previously to leave up as permanent backdrops for her rooms.

  2. I like Kirsten as well. We love her stories of adventure. I was so hoping that this year's BF relaunch would be Kirsten. However, the items that I like are all her older collection, and those in the secondary market can be pricey.

    1. Fingers crossed AG rereleases Kirsten in 2020.

  3. Agreed about the secondary market. We've had a couple Kirstens in our house including our first who became my son's well loved Thomas doll. Completely out of canon, Kirsten and Thomas as well as Lindsey are our blue eyed family. I have another Lindsey I still need to convert to our red headed boy (but I have the wig!).

    Kirsten is one of my favorites. I found a white bodied Kirsten at an estate sale a couple years back. She likes to hang with my white bodied Samantha from the sale. :)

  4. I love my Kirsten and am very happy I have the parts of her collection I do. However, I do regret missing a few of the outfits and accessories (winter woolens especially). Was able to add her the year AG retired her.

    1. Her things are so costly. I would love AG to bring her back. I hope they would do a good job at it though not like they did Felicity.