Wednesday, April 10, 2013

*On Location* Kirsten's Pioneer Life (Lots of Photos)

Life during Kirsten's time was tough. Families had to band together just to survive. There were harsh winters and brutal summers. There was live stock to care for, farm land to work and the women had to run everything within their home: cooking, cleaning, canning, sewing, and seasonal prep. The children had to walk a long distance over hills and valleys to school.

Supplies were brought into town and stocked at the general store. Often time families could only go into town once a month.

 Kirsten shows us what items a typical Freight Wagon would bring in to town.

 Kirsten and her family moved into a small cabin on their relative's land. This might be what her cabin looked like with it's mortared walls.


 A simple kitchen and living area with a  fireplace for cooking and warmth.

 Families would have to grind their own grain and store their supplies.

This may be what the parents sleeping area of the home would look like with hand made quilts and goose feather pillows.  

 This upstairs window allows sunlight into the upper storage areas. 

Another example of a pioneer home. 


This is a very modern looking home 1870s. The kitchen and living area is in the back of the house.

Bedrooms were in the front part of the house. 

 The home has a well, an outhouse and chicken coop in the back. There are drainage pipes along the gutters to collect rain water for washing up and possibly filling wash buckets and for watering livestock. 

 This must have been what Powderkeg School looked like!

This was an amazing day!

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