Monday, October 22, 2012

*Opening* New Doll Elizabeth

Finally! We had a major mix up trying to get Elizabeth here. I originally bought her from an ebayer in Ohio. It was days after I had paid and no acknowledgement of the sale at all. I emailed but still no response. I had to cancel the order and was lucky enough to get all of the money back. I found another listing for Elizabeth and she looked to be in better condition so I bought her immediately. The seller was very quick to respond and I received her in 3 days!!!!! I am so happy I went with the seller in Maine instead.
I have since removed her clothing though I didn't take pictures, she is stamped American Girl and has stars inside her legs/arms. Her hair needs brushed but is silky and still holds curl. Her hair is much better than my PC PM Felicity, that's because she is a newer doll.

She has her earrings and fan too. She is so pretty I love her. I bought a beautiful white colonial dress with a floral motif in purples and greens from etsy for her to wear. I will post photos of her in the dress later.

Oh won't Felicity be thrilled that her BFF is here!!


  1. my sister has elizabeth!! but she never brushes her hair:0

  2. very funny! maybe you should secretly brush it.