Saturday, February 2, 2013

How To Make- Saige's Hot Air Balloon

After getting Saige's Starter Collection for my birthday, I really wanted to try and re-create her hot air balloon! Why? Because it is so amazing. And because it's out of my doll budget at $150, but that's OK because I made this one!

For me, there was one of two ways that I could do this. And I wanted two options so others can try to create their own according to their age and skill level. This tutorial has both the FOAM BOARD version and the 3D Balloon version.

The foam board hot air balloon is just that, made from basic foam board. Draw with pencil a large sized light bulb shape; you may need to mark for measurements so it is not lopsided. Cut it out and either #1 - paint the rainbow stripes or #2 - glue on rainbow stripes from colored poster board.

TIP: Use an AG catalog for reference.
You can use either a basket or a box for Saige to stand in. 

If using a box you may want to either paint it or cover it at this point. I glued on burlap print scrapbook paper for a textured look. 

Now attach the foam board balloon to the basket with hot glue using cardboard strips for reinforcement as needed. Attach it at the back so Saige can fit inside the basket from the front side.

I have colored in the balloon via photo shop so you can see how colorful it would look!!!

For the 3D version
Using a basket or a box -make sure it is tall enough - waist high- so that Saige won't fall out. 

Cut plastic curtain rods with heavy duty snips then cover in duct tape.


Attach to the corners with hot glue then reinforce each with cardboard strips on the inside corners.

You will need to add a piece of cardboard to the top of the posts to act as a canopy. This is where your balloon base will rest.

Cut four sheets of poster board vertically in half then meet all four at one end and hot glue them together. 

Add a round piece of cardboard to cover the area where they join; hot glue foam cups to act as a center support then glue it to the circle board cut out. Now staple the sides together with three staples.

 When the balloon is upright it should look like this.
Attach the pillar of cups (inside the balloon) onto the top of the canopy (that's over the basket) with hot glue. 

 Using Elmer's glue and colored tissue paper, draw a bead of glue along the side of each opening and press tissue paper in place. Allow it to dry, then trim off excess.

Here is the completed project! 


Good Luck!! 

For AG mini dolls or 11" dolls like Barbie or Monster High you can buy a package of 3 Rainbow Paper Lanterns 9.5" dia. at Party City $7
Attach it to a square kleenex box or other small box with the wire that's included inside the package then hang from your ceiling. How Fun!!

I hope you will try one of these ideas!


  1. So cool!! Love how it came out!

  2. Thank you Laurie - it was fun to make. I really hope you try it but be sure you have room to store it. My husband ate dinner at the table next to the hot air balloon - LOL
    Good luck!