Friday, February 8, 2013

How to Make - Popcorn, Soda and Cookies!!

Here are a few great ways to make doll food!

Shipping peanuts torn in half then scrunched between your fingers makes doll size popcorn! Dry brush a little yellow craft paint for buttered popcorn.

Sandwich cookies can be made easily with foam sheets. 

I used a quarter to make the cookie and a nickle for the double stuff in the middle.

And soda cans out of foil tubes make thinner cylinders than paper towel tubes. Paint them with metallic silver or wrap them with foil or duct tape. Cover with these great soda labels. Add a piece of duct tape to seal the top and bottom!

You can buy small popcorn bags too!

If you would like to make your dolls some of these treats here are  labels!


  1. Awesome! I will totally make these! So smart. :)


  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing these cool printies - I've been looking for good soda can ones. I do dollhouse not play scale, but will resize these and use them.

  3. do you happen to have any fruit and/or citrus juice printables? i'm having a tough time finding any. i keep finding milk and coffee!

    1. Check LADL PRINTABLES option in the category menu.