Saturday, April 15, 2017

*In Store Report* MLA - Canada

Found these while on a shopping trip to Walmart with the girls. Because they were with me, I couldn't buy anything for Easter! Regret not going back for the red and black soccer set--good for boys and girls--especially Canadians since these are our colours! ;) 

Also saw the kitchen for the first time!


  1. The polka dot dress is a fun one for Spring! I like the coat, too! Hope they come to Maryland. Madelon

  2. I have never seen this much incredible stuff at once in Walmart for the 18inch Doll World. Thanks, for sharing.

    1. I agree, Maxine! Our Walmart stores don't have as nice MLA sections as this. Too bad, some of it is very cute!

  3. Cute stuff! Our local Walmart has practically nothing in this line. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks! We don't have any Targets anymore and not a lot of AG stores and OG runs in only a few stores, so it's nice to have a great MLA selection here. :)