Saturday, April 15, 2017

*In Store Report* New OG Stuff - Mastermind Toys


A few new things in store that are not available in Mastermind's website, such as the new dolls, kayak, boat and picnic table sets. 



  1. I really like the chairs in the set next to the boat. I hope if they are plastic that it is the heavy kind. Cannot wait to see what else they are coming out with. This line is slowly becoming one of my new favorites in the doll world. Such fun sets.

    1. Ticia, I have had the table and chairs you refer to for at least five years. It was a good weight plastic. Madelon

  2. I love the picnic table and the boat. Hope they come to a store around me. Madelon

  3. I have never seen so many OG dolls on display. Your stores are so much fun!