Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our MLA Easter Finds

Happy Easter! Thought I would share some new My Life purchases.

Avery turned 7 this week, so she received some WalMart gift cards for her birthday and knew just what she wanted to spend them on. My Life As dolls were on sale this week (regularly $36 Canadian, this week $19.98!) so she went and bought two of them: the new beach vacationer (in the pineapple outfit) and one of the new boys!

She named the girl Sandy.

And the boy Dexter. We are now on the hunt for some new boys' clothes as we already have the same outfit for the other boy, which the girls have named Kyle. Right now, the girls have a story going that the two boys are best friends and they play together on the same basketball team (since the planets on their shirts look like basketballs)--hence the matching 'uniforms.' ;)

Avery also purchased the travelling doll case, which appeared in our Walmart for the first time. It was only $12, and it seems like a sturdy enough rolling bag for that price. 

Inside, it can probably fit two dolls, but was clearly meant for one given the window and inner Velcro strap to keep the doll in place. Still, lots of room for doll clothes and accessories. It has a deep, outside, Velcro-closure pocket, but none on the inside. The main body of the bag zippers shut, but I wish the pocket did, too--as there would be less chance of losing any little bits if the bag gets tossed around. 

It has fabric handles at the top and an extendable plastic handle to roll the case behind you. The height of the extendable handle is great, as it easily accommodates an adult. And it rolls well.

Besides the Velcro pocket, my only complaint is that the window is a little low. The doll can't quite face out completely, no matter how I make her stand inside. All in all, a good deal for $12!

Oh--and I wish they made these cases in different colours or patterns because now Brooke wants one and it would be great to tell them apart--Avery added her own pompom keychain to personalize it as hers. :) 

I also bought some cute items for the girls Easter baskets. While we have lots of new MLA stuff in store, we seem to be missing the real 'summer' clothes so far, but they did have s few spring outfits. I saw these two Easter outfits and had to get them!

I also purchased some everyday items--a dance outfit for Brooke and some donut pjs for Avery. 

I found a bunch of new bags and accessories, so I thought I could split these open and put them inside some Easter eggs. 

I also found some new MLA pets, so picked up the bunny and the guinea pig (which is oddly bigger than the bunny!). The guinea pig is a bit too furry, so I might have to trim some fur off around his eyes and nose. His face and pink bow are hard to see! Also, the bunny has a cute silver carrot charm around his neck. Perfect for Easter! 

As for accessory sets, the only new one that appeared in my WalMart was the beach set, so I purchased it, but am not certain if I am giving it to the girls just yet. I really need two sets for their Easter baskets--maybe I'll divide up the pieces for the egg hunt, too!

Last item--some tiny carrots I picked up at my local Dollarama. Perfect for 18-inch dolls. Not certain what I'm going to do with them just yet, but I had to buy a bag!

Happy Easter to you and your family!
Robin ;)


  1. The donut pj's are my favorite. Hope to snag them soon before they are gone. The Walmart near me is never fully stocked. Hope to find them soon.

  2. Those are great finds!! Really like the rolling carrier and the pet bunny. Sandy photographs beautifully! Happy birthday to your Avery!!

  3. The bunny clothes are cute! It can be three weeks before a new My Life As delivery comes in to my store. Your daughters are going to love their Dollie Easter baskets. Great job! Can you show photos of the final baskets? Madelon