Thursday, January 19, 2017

*REVIEW* #girlslife 18" Dolls - Jakks Pacific (Canada)

Was out doing groceries this weekend, when I discovered an 18-inch doll line that was available for $54.99 (Canadian) at the Your Independent Grocer's store (or Real Canadian Superstore). I had never seen these dolls before. 

 The doll line is called #girlslife and there appears to be four beautiful dolls in the line—Violet, Emma, Harper and Adrianna. Each has a unique personality that is described on the box, but the faces are all molded from the same mold, meaning that none of them really has an individual “look” to them. 

 While I can’t be certain of this, since I did not purchase one of them, the dolls appear to be completely vinyl with the slim-type doll bodies (so they look quite a bit narrower than the huggable, stuffed-body AG or OG dolls). 

They have big, beautiful eyes (that do not close) and open-mouthed smiles. Their hair looks to be long and perfect for styling (Adrianna even has a pink streak in hers!). They are quite lovely looking and appear to have relatively well-made outfits. Some even include cute fashion accessories such as Adrianna’s cats-eye glasses or Harper’s bunny-eared knit hat. 

 However, one drawback is that the dolls are lacking in proper footwear—instead of plastic or rubber shoes, or really nice fabric tie-up shoes, the shoes appear to be cheaply made fabric slippers. I’m not certain they will hold up well during play. Fabric slippers tend to stretch out quickly. For the price of the dolls, I’d hope for decent shoes. 

Even the socks on Adrianna below leave me in doubt as to whether or not they would stay up for long. For $55, I would expect better shoes for the doll. :(

I went online when I got home to investigate these dolls. I don’t think they are brand new (they appear to be a Kohl’s line in the US), but this is definitely the first I’ve seen of these #girlslife dolls at any store in Canada. They are produced by Jakks Pacific—which is probably why the faces look so familiar to me. Jakks Pacific produces many of the Disney Princess dolls!

-Robin :)


  1. From the pictures, they look a lot like the 18 inch Disney Princess bodies.

  2. They are like the Journey Girl body lower quality then JG. They sold here in the USA at several locations including Kolh's a few years back. I do not think they did very well. Diana

  3. The outfits are cute but the shoes seem very poor for the price of the dolls and they don't look remotely realistic- there's an 18" doll brand in the UK called Designafriend which is less than two thirds the price of these dolls and every doll or outfit comes with proper shoes. Even OG plastic shoes are better than sloppy fabric slip ons.

    Also, it is just me or are their faces are a bit characterless and plastic-y? Perhaps they are not helped by the bright lipstick effect on their mouths.

  4. They do definitely look like the Disney Princess line! Same faces, same body.

    Not certain how well they will do here, either. $55 is a lot for a doll like this. The Disney Princess ones are usually only about $30.

  5. I like the smile on these dolls.

  6. I love the names of the dolls, Violet especially is such a pretty name! And I think it's cool that Adrianna likes comics. That's not something usually attributed to young girls. Dancing, anyone?

    I'm not sold on the dolls themselves. I'm not a fan of the Disney dolls either I'd rather buy a WellieWisher or Hearts for Hearts doll.