Friday, January 20, 2017

*REVIEW* St. Therese Doll - Dolls from Heaven

We also got the Dolls from Heaven St. Therese doll and book "I am Therese".  In addition, we purchased St. Therese's accessories and her Sunday Best outfit.

St. Therese arrives in her Carmelite habit.  There are so many pieces to this outfit. I had to look up the names of some of the pieces.  

 It includes the robe, scapula, toque (the white piece around the shoulders), headpiece and veil, rope belt, and sandals. The veil attaches to the headpiece with two snaps.  She also has plain white underwear.  This doll looks so much like images of St. Therese of Lisieux.

The St. Therese doll is 18 inches tall with wigged wavy brown hair and big brown sleep eyes.  Like the St. Joan of Arc doll, there is blushing on her hands, knees and feet and her fingernails and toenails are painted.  St. Therese is a darker vinyl than St. Joan. 

 It is very similar to the light vinyl used by American Girl, and the fair vinyl used by My Twinn.  St. Therese and St. Joan have the same colored cloth body - the cloth body matches better with St. Therese's vinyl. 

The St. Therese doll is similar to AG dolls.  They can share clothes and shoes.  The St. Therese doll does not have the same range of motion as AG dolls though, and cannot pose as easily. 

 Her hair is a beautiful chestnut shade.  It is much longer than Maryellen's hair, maybe more like Lea's?  It is one of my favorite things about the doll.

St. Therese's accessories include a small wooden rosary that is lightly scented like roses, her mantle (cream cape) and her images of the Holy Face of Jesus and the Infant Jesus.  We must have lost our card of images, unfortunately.  The mantle goes well with both the habit and her Sunday Best outfit.  The rosary comes in a yellow bag and it is beautifully detailed.  

The Sunday Best outfit is gorgeous.  Pieces include a satin-like dress in teal and with cream details at the bodice, wrists and hem, white stockings, cream colored boots with scallop accents in a buttery soft fake leather, and a cream hair bow.  

Our outfit also came with a teal sash.  The buttons in front are decorative only, the dress velcros up the back. The stockings are thick, almost like legging material.  The boots are a snug fit when the stockings are on the doll.


  1. She is lovely. Madelon

  2. Beautiful! But I hate to tell you, the dress is not teal it is royal blue

  3. Thanks! Royal blue sounds prettier than teal.

  4. Are you catholic? I am

  5. Thank you for the review! I've been wondering about her... Hopefully I can pick her up for Easter

  6. Can't wait for John Paul to come out!

  7. Can't wait for John Paul to come out!