Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Fun - OG and Espari Outfits

Winter fun has the new OG winter and 70s outfits.

 Winter OG and Espari winter outfits.

 Grace joins Dabbie on the ice.

Here comes Isabelle with her tube.

Down the hill tubing and down the slopes skiing.


  1. Very cute scenes ! What is the background on the left?

  2. Hi Linda the left backdrop is part of one of the AG scenes books, which I have several, I forget which one I used. Those AG scenes books are the best one has been able to top those. Diana

  3. I love winter doll scenes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great job again! Madelon

  5. Thanks Diana. I have Samantha's Scenes and Settings. I would love to get the other ones.

  6. The skiing outfit on the far right (red vest) is the same one that the 'feature' doll came with in last year's Newberry (Sears Canada) line. The doll was named Madison and my eldest received as an Xmas gift from her grandmother. Only difference appears to be the vest emblem. I think ours comes with a maple leaf.

    Great scene!