Tuesday, December 1, 2015

*REVIEW* OG Outfits

Grace and Maryellen are also modeling two new outfits.  Maryellen is wearing an OG outfit that goes perfectly with her eye color. This outfit looks better on the doll then in the box. Maryellen is also carrying a little "Paris" purse which is really a lipstick holder.  

A closer look at Grace's outfit since it is made from several pieces and not sold as one.  The top is from Springfield Collection, the skirt I made from fabric I found at Joanne that has Paris theme. The shoes/boots are from OG, the shoe collection, the hat is the taxi cap from AG and the purse is from Paris, again a lipstick holder.  The camera is from OG from one of the accessory sets.

Maryellen models the "School Spirit" outfit which again goes very well with the 1950 era. The bow is from the previous OG set but works well with this set. This outfit also looks better on the doll then in the box.

While at Target I found these two little elves in the Christmas section, and they make the perfect toy for Maryellen.  These were very popular in the 50s.

A closer look at the girl and boy elves.  Maryellen just adores these.

Happy Thanksgiving - Diana


  1. OMG...those tiny elves are so cute. Are they from Michaels?

  2. So do OG shoes fit AG dolls? I haven't bought any OG clothing sets because I'm not sure (plus I've heard they can stain doll vinyl? Is that true?)

  3. OG shoes and clothes have come a long way and as lately none of those products have stained the dolls. Yes OG shoes fit AG dolls. Now no matter the manufacturer including AG there is never a 100% stain resistant with color dye fabric, so always be careful with red, pink, black type colors, do not leave them on the dolls for a long time including shoes. Diana