Monday, November 30, 2015

Amelia's Trip Overseas - Mini Story

 Amelia arrives in time for the holidays 
 Hi Amelia.
 A hug for her cousin.
 Meeting Aunt Matilda.

Lydia take Amelia to her room.
Amelia loves to read. 

Lydia has a surprise for Amelia.

It's beautiful!
 Is this really for me.

Amelia sees her reflection. 
 Amelia loves her gown.

A huge hug and thank you to her cousin.

 Not long for the holiday ball.

 Aunt Matilda talks to the girls.

 The girls are so excited Amelia decides to stay and live with Lydia.


  1. Where do you get such awesome outfits for your AGAT dolls??
    Loved the story :)

  2. Disney princess and me outfits fit the AGFATs dolls, the dress that Maltida is wearing came from a porcelon doll that was broken and was being thrown away. Diana

  3. Tell us about the beautiful blond curlie haired doll. Is she jointed?

  4. Beautifull pictures and gowns! My Matilda is jealous;-)

  5. Photo stories are my favorite, and I really enjoyed this one. All the girls are looking gorgeous in their outfits. Great job!

  6. How on earth did you get Lydia's hair in a bun!? I have her and her hair is too smooth-it just slides out of whatever style I try to put it in. Not complaining, her hair is beautiful just by itself, but I'd love to be able to style it more. How do you do it?