Friday, May 29, 2015

*Review* Doll Boutique Activity Book

Hi it's me, Camille, and today I'm reviewing the Doll Boutique Book!

To start, this book is very nice and high quality. AG shows you how to make a doll sized boutique and dressing room along with doll clothes. These are example pictures of what your boutique and dressing room may look like.

AG explains what the materials that come with the kit are for. (Which is VERY helpful to me!)

In the book, it also shows you how to make dresses. You don't actually sew the dresses you make for your doll. They tell you to clip and pin fabrics together to make a dress, but I like to sew mine. AG probably did that so younger doll lovers could make the dresses. 

These are only some of the beautiful outfits you can make. There are many more in the book!

In the back of the book, there are instructions on how to make hats and purses.

 There are posters and stickers. The kit comes with two sheets of doll play money. It has a dressing room sign and an open sign.

The cardboard is for making a table and there is also paper for making a chandelier.

You can poke out flowers to make a template. I used it to decorate the walls of my boutique. There are two doll sized AG bags in the kit. (CUTE!)

The kit has an order/receipt pad with two different kinds of business cards. You can also make a doll computer.

Debit and gift cards.

You can also make doll magazines using the kits materials!

This is the chandelier I made.

There are reversible posters. The wallpaper and sign is also reversible.


  1. Wow, this is actually way cooler than I thought it was. I may consider getting it in the future.

  2. My daughter and I have made so many no sew and some glued or pinned doll clothing, from outgrown children's clothing and other bits of material and trim we had at home. We also made a Petite Boutique, which we still adore! The no sew videos on my YT channel are popular. The book really gets your ideas flowing! (lab-den 18-inch doll fun)