Saturday, May 30, 2015

Creating Amelia's Victorian Parlor - TOUR

Amelia's story takes place in several different rooms and living quarters, however the place where she settles down isn't described in much detail. That gave me freedom to make my own living space for her. I chose a quaint parlor, nothing fancy, but Victorian nonetheless. 

I found this sturdy doll closet and it is perfect for Amelia.

 I didn't like the natural wood and painted it a deep brown. 

Amelia shows us the closet interior. There's a place for hanging clothes and a small mirror on the door.

 Miss Lovington is perched next to her mirror. The hat box holds her tights, stage headband and party hat.

Her tea chest stores nicely under the settee.

You've just arrived in time for tea!

I downloaded the available portraits of Amelia's parents from A Girl for All Time, then framed them.

Won't you sit a while and enjoy a vanilla tea cake?


  1. Wow what an amazing job you did with her living quarters ! You are so creative , Amilia looks so pretty and sure she enjoys her new room . :)

  2. Oh how gorgeous! How did you set up the bird and the bird cage? Better yet, how did you find a faux bird that was the perfect doll size, or where did you find one? I even tried to see if I can make a paper machete one, but no luck. I love the setup, so pretty with the pattern for the closet paper and portraits. This setting can also be used for Caroline too since it is great for the era of The Age of Consumption.

  3. Beautifully done! Amelia must be so happy. :)


  4. Yes Amelia I will gladly take a vanilla tea cake! Thank you! I love what you have done with your parlor!! Blue is so soothing!