Friday, May 29, 2015

*Review* AG Activity Books

HI! I've been collecting AG dolls for four years, and now own five activity kits. Activity kits are amazing and are a nice alternative to expensive furniture and play sets. Now, let's get to the kits!

Here's all of my dolls and activity kits!
The dolls left to right: Molly, Emily, Kaya, Cecile (Cece), Marie Grace, Anna Clare and Lindsey. 

Each doll activity kit can cost anywhere from $18.00 - $25.00 and you can find them where AG books are sold. Each kit is named with the word "Doll ..." Another thing, activity kits come with a small book which includes instructions for all of the crafts. 

Note that these doll activity kits do not come with all of the supplies needed for every single craft. You'll often need to find supplies around the house to complete some crafts. Also kits such as Doll Travel or Doll Dining would be nice if you own, say, Grace because that's a less expensive option then the bistro play-set. 

We'll start off with Doll at Work!
(all prices are USD before tax.)

This is a recently released activity kit. It features supplies to help your doll do jobs! There's also an incredibly cute t-shirt, pictured above. I love this kit, mainly because of the shirt. This kit costs $24.99 USD.
 Here is Cecile with Doll Travel, one of my first activity kits! The main reason I chose this kit was because of the duffel bag, which is not only cute, but useful for taking your doll on trips. It can hold a lot of clothing. This kit costs $21.95 USD.
Here is Lindsey pictured with Doll School! (I made the doll backpack). This kit costs $17.95 USD and was my first AG product!!! I absolutely love this kit because it includes some things that are just too adorable, like a doll sized alphabet banner. 

Here is Marie Grace with Doll Crafts! This kit costs $17.95 USD and I love the simplicity of it! Plus the fact that there's some really cool ideas in the book. 

 Here's the clock from Doll Crafts with a few alterations. 

Here's the stereo that is made of paper. 

Here's a cute letter.

Here's Emily with Doll Dinning! (the chalkboard is from Doll School). I got this kit from my sister after she didn't want it, so some pieces are missing. But it is still an amazing kit if you like to make doll food. This kit costs $17.95 USD. 

Here's Emily wearing the chef hat from Doll Dining.

Finally, here is Doll Star! This activity kit costs $21.99 USD and is awesome if you like to make videos because it has... a doll sized clapper board!!! (which I can't find right now...) 

As a bonus, here are some other activity books! Greatest Mistakes is a book about grammar for girls and costs $12.95 USD. Doll Play is almost an activity kit, it has lots of punch outs in the back for things such as doll sized checkers. It costs $9.95 USD. Finally, there is the Awesomest, Randomest Book Ever, which costs $9.99 USD and is about, you guessed it, random things. 

I would have to say I recommend all the activity kits! The only thing I wouldn't recommend would probably be the Awesomest, Randomest Book Ever because I don't feel it's worth the price. I hope you all enjoyed!
-Suzanne K.


  1. These pictures just make me happy. All so sweet. Thanks!

  2. My daughter and I love the kits... Lots of creative time for the 2 of us.