Friday, May 29, 2015

*Review* Doll at Work Activity Kit

Madelon has this review of the Doll at Work Activity Book.

 I bought this set during the $12 sale this winter and found it to be a good buy. 

 It definitely encourages the entrepreneurial spirit with the ideas covered.

The best part is the large number of pre-printed work related papers. Pool sign, Greeting cards and  Invoices.

It comes with a pink short-sleeved tee saying "no job is too small".

Included: Pool depth stickers, Business cards, Pen nibs, Hanukkah coins, Doggie treats and Letters.

 Vet posters.

Pizza boxes, Patio tent and Seed packets.

There is a sticker for computer keyboard and more. A very nice set when you get it on sale.

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  1. I have this kit and my absolute favorite part is the shirt. Great review!