Sunday, February 15, 2015

*In Store Report* Doll Food, Bistro Items and Doll Typewriter - Michael's


For those of you still looking for DIY items for your Bakery or Bistro, Michael's has 8 3/4" tall chalkboard easels perfectly sized in the wood aisle. 

Two options!

You'll find these macaron keychains in the spring section. 

Ice cream erasers for your ice cream parlor.
Marla Stopped by Michael's today and saw this AG doll-sized typewriter, almost the exact size as Kit’s original.
Price is $21.99 USD or $27.99 CD, but on sale it’s 40% off.  


  1. Ohh! Such great doll finds! :)

  2. I saw the exact same chalkboard easel in the dollar section at Target for a buck