Sunday, February 15, 2015

Where's Willow? Phoenix, AZ (Day Three)

Here we are at one of the Valley’s Doll shows, hosted by one of the two Doll Clubs; Sunbonnet Doll Club and Valley of the Sun Doll Club. 


And the first thing both Willow and Josefina see is a beautiful display, by the Doll Club members of Alice and Wonderland. So, Willow rushes right over to meet the White Rabbit – before he runs off!

There was a 36” tall Alice doll in the background; she and the white rabbit were for sale for $250.00 for the set. How fun to have taken them both home with us!

Here is a better view of Willow and Alice, although Willow got distracted by something Josefina was pointing out I think.


 Ahh, the hat, of course – who wouldn’t get distracted by that great hat?!

Then the girls rushed to the other side of the display, where they found a table for two. I had to caution them again about this being a display…

Undaunted, Willow located another fascinating creature – a baby faerie, who seemed tickled by her admiration.

Moving on throughout the room, Willow located these cute, little Amish children and they actually consented to having their picture taken. Probably because they were up for adoption and didn’t realize it was forbidden in their culture.

Then Willow came across a wonderful eclectic group and had to stop and talk for a moment. Not sure about the older one in the back – if that is a real man or not (LOL!).

One of the final groups was a vintage group of ‘Shirley’s’ and Willow couldn’t resist being in such a presence.

Then we found this lovely repurposed lady and I had to snap her pic – she was very obliging.

And the final thing we saw on our way out was this spectacular tin house, that the girls had to get a picture of themselves in front of – they fell in love with it!

In the evening Willow was invited by Bailey, Chrissa and their friends to a fun Valentine’s Day party!

But before she got ready and left, Willow made out a special Valentine’s Day Card for her mom, back home in Texas. She wanted to let her know that even though she was having a great time, she still missed her and was thinking about her today.

Willow and Josefina regaled Caspian and Mei-Ling of their Doll Show adventures earlier!

Mei-Ling wondered if they had any miniatures there. “Yes”, Willow replied, finished and unfinished people mostly”. While Caspian asked about vintage comic book figures. “I saw a couple, but not many. 

Meanwhile, Umi presented Chrissa with a pink flower heart, to which she blushed and said “Thank you”.

This time, the table was loaded down with cookies that Bailey had baked, and Pizza fresh from ‘Papa Murphy’s’.

Speaking of Bailey; we see her talking to Bruce, who was bummed that Sigourney couldn’t make it because she was babysitting. Hmm

And here we see Raine, who even put on a fun sweatshirt (HUGS) for the occasion!

What is this?!

(Oh, I think we saw this coming a few stares away, didn’t we?) Raine finally gets up the courage to approach Willow and hand her a card and a red heart flower (wonder who gave her the pink one?). Willow graciously accepts, as she now considers Raine her friend too.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was just as Sweet!


  1. Wow, Willow! You are one lucky girl! You actually got to meet Shirley Temple! That's a memory that will last a lifetime!

  2. Willow's trip makes me remember that there are all kinds of dolls and doll collectors.