Sunday, February 15, 2015

*REVIEW* My Beautiful Doll - Hasbro

Madelon sends in photos of her My Beautiful Doll Valerie by Hasbro 1989. 

These slim body 17.5" dolls are entirely made of hard vinyl plastic, with LOTS of thick rooted hair and adorable face paint. These dolls came with a comb and a locket.

They can wear BFC Ink clothing. Other dolls from this collection included platinum blond Brenda, Tyler, AA Lindy, blond Rosemary, brunette Marisa, and blond Rachel.

These make great "first" dolls for younger children and can withstand play and water. You can find them on ebay. 

 I had Maribeth who had strawberry blond crimped hair.

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  1. I have my second Lindy Doll and she is beautiful indeed!