Saturday, January 3, 2015

Baking Set - Food, Mixer, Accessories (Resource)

Jen found a great resource for bakery items!

"A lot of folks will be wanting to find budget-friendly options to compliment Grace's collection. Here is a baking set from an eBay seller I've bought from several times. Every transaction has gone smoothly with my items arriving in good time and safely packaged. This looks like a cute set that could make up for the items that otherwise would only be available in the bakery play set."

Complete Baking Set for Food

 Baking Accessories Set made especially to fit American Girl. Includes:

  • mixing bowl- 3.25" diameter, plus handles,
  • mixer,  
  • plates--1.75" diameter,
  • cups- 1.5" tall,
  • flour,
  • sugar,
  • measuring cup,
  • cookie sheet,
  • cookies,
  • cupcake tray,
  • cupcakes,
  • 2 spatulas- 18" long,
  • measuring spoons & recipe 

 She has other bakery treats available as well.

Chocolate Petit Fours on Tray


 Two French Bread Baguettes

10 Treats Cakes on Oval Tray  

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  1. It's really cute, but my favorite piece from Grace's set is not represented...the flour sifter and the pastry blender. However, I agree, many of us will be looking for more affordable alternatives. Well, I suppose OG's Jenny will be more popular this year. I can always find her book and outfit set when at Target...I'm betting not anymore.