Friday, January 2, 2015

*In Store Report* GOTY 2015 In Store Debut - AGP DC

Madelon missed the crowds and went to AGP at a later time. Here is Grace's collection displayed at DC.


 Grace was working at the AG Bistro!


And of course, Madelon told me that Julie wanted to say hi!
Thanks Madelon, great as always.


  1. Oh I just love it all! Can't wait for my birthday.

  2. American girl prices are going up up up and their quality is going down down down. Ug. I love their items but they are so pricey! Don't you just love sales?

  3. They have released the catalog for iphone today and ive noticed that they have even increased the price for ear piercing!! Not only for grace but for all other dolls its now $16 and you get the same old earing set!!! :-(

    BTW... Just out of curiosity.... How old girls usually get ears pierced in the US? Here in Brazil girls usually gets ears pierced when they are little babies... I didnt realised it was not commom in the US until the day I was searching if bitty twins dolls could have ears pierced...

    1. different ages, you have to be at least 3 months old most places, but I think most people if they don't get their ears pierced as a baby(under 2) wait til about 9-10.

  4. Okay that dog is seriously one of the cutest AG pets in a while! I love it all, but am not quite sure about the doll, her bangs bother me a bit , like she just has one strand hanging out of her part, guess I will have to see her in person and decide, great pics!

  5. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing them. There are some really cute things. Little House of American Girl noted that the large piece is really wood this time, so maybe they have heard our cries about quality.