Friday, November 7, 2014

Molly's Christmas Dress and Christmas Box


Molly's Christmas Dress

At Christmastime, Molly's wish is for her dad to be home with them next year. Make the holidays merry and bright by dressing Molly in this lovely evergreen velvet dress that features:
  • A V-shaped waistline and a full circle skirt with ecru lace cuffs and collar
  • Tiny decorative buttons
  • Two cream-colored ribbons to brighten her braids

This is a reproduction dress.

Molly’s Christmas Box

Even though he's stationed overseas, Dad sends Molly these Christmas surprises in the mail:

  • The doll of Molly’s dreams dressed as a nurse in an apron, cape, and cap
  • A miniature snow globe with a little snowman inside
  • Everything comes packaged in a box with pretend stamps and tied with twine

 You can follow Nurse Katherine on Snickerdoodle Street in her clinic.


  1. Sigh. Molly is my first and original AG doll love. Thank you for sharing these images, I adore them!

  2. This outfit brings back such memories! It was my first ever AG outfit, and I love it. I don't use it except in the holidays, so it's still in pretty nice condition. I think what would be cool is if at the end of these showcases you showed you're collection of whatever doll you're looking at.

  3. We loved looking at these old catalogues with Molly! Thank you! Hopefully she'll be returning sooner rather than later.