Friday, November 7, 2014

Where's Willow? - Pennsylvania (Day 1)

Welcome to Nonna's Doll Room, Willow!

Everyone was very excited to know that Willow was coming to Pennsylvania for a visit.  Nonna unboxed everyone in time to see Willow.

"Hello, Willow!" shouted the dolls on the high shelf.

"Hello, Willow!" shouted the dolls in the bedrooms.

"Hello, Willow!" shouted the dolls in the living room.

"Hello, everyone!" shouted Willow.

Nonna told Willow everyone's names.

L-R back row: Nora, Mika, JJ, Ella, Kali, Leah, Brooklyn, Olivia, Pippa, & Cece
L-R front row: Henry, Maya, Kiki (standing), Lucy (standing), Taylor, Meredit, Saige, Dodo, & Penny 
down in front: Willow!

L-R Leon, Thomas, Willow, Jack,& Bo

L-R Tyler, Willow, Laurel, Remi (short for Rembrandt), & Misha

on bed, twins Kim and Wendy
L-R front: Riley, Willow, Shelly

L-R Willow, Etta James, Kyoko

L-R Jett, Joy, Willow

L-R Maria, Sophie, Amy, Willow (in front)

L-R back row: Kimberly, April, Ruthie, Mati
L-R front row: Abby Rhodes, Willow, Gigi, Abbie K'Dahbi

Nonna let me borrow a coat because she had to go vote!

Voting in Action!
This picture is of the Phoenixville Area High School where Nonna, her mom, sister, daughters and son went to school.  Other notable graduates include baseball players Mike Piazza, Andre Thornton and Creighton Gubanich as well as sportscaster Kevin Neghandi.  Actor David White who played Larry Tate on Bewitched also graduated from PAHS.  Nonna says one of the most interesting things about Phoenixville High School is the mascot, the Phantom.  The mascot comes from a newspaper story in 1934 when a Philadelphia newswriter said the football team ran through the opposing team's lines like a bunch of phantoms." 

Their colors are purple and white and so is their Phantom!

Nonna has so many dolls - what a surprise!  Tomorrow, Nonna says we have another surprise!  I can't wait!


  1. WOW! And I thought I had a lot of dolls! Willow won't be lonesome!

  2. I like that Willow went along to vote! Great Civics lesson!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's surprise!

  3. I love the borrowed pink coat! Willow, you might be tested on everyone's names. It reminds me of meeting my college roommate's large family of 12 kids.

  4. Now that we have a picture...I'll do better remembering their names too. My daughter often has to prompt me. We recently moved (and I got two kids out of the house in the move) so the dolls got their own room and many were out of the box for the first time just in time for Willow's visit. Somewhere, I know I am still missing three in a box (but I have a lot left to unpack) with a horse! I know that because one of them looks like my "adopted" daughter. I did, however, unpack Etta James with absolutely NO memory of buying her until my daughter (who is now 18) said, "Mom, that's Etta James, don't you remember?" Alrighty then.

    I wish I remembered where that pink coat came from...I know it belonged to my daughters first.

    Glad everyone enjoyed the photos. As the sign outside my doll room, says. "No, I do not have too many dolls and no, there is no such thing as TOO MANY DOLLS!" :)

  5. My daughter has to help me with doll names too. I like your signs on the Doll room. My husband told someone yesterday that our house was overflowing with dolls and doll stuff. Well, most of it is in the basement... and what about his 5 computers, 3 or more Kindles, weight workout and other exercise equipment... books... need I say more?