Thursday, November 6, 2014

TBT - Molly's Red Bed + Nightstand, Vanity and Curl Kit

Molly's AG Bed is now retired. However it looks VERY EASY to re-create. Her bedding and matching headboard are red corduroy and her pillow is candy stripe red. I have Molly's bed, but needed one for Emily. The following photos are from Nov 2012 at my first attempt. I have since made Emily a different bed.

First attempt! I went to three different stores 
(Hobby Lobby, Joann's, & Hancock Fabrics) 
but could not find RED corduroy, so I bought red felt. 

I couldn't find red/white candy striped cording either so I bought ribbon.

I used a piece of cardboard for the headboard.

Sleep tight Molly! Sweet dreams....

Emily's new bed: Cardboard headboard with twisted red and white yarn for trim.

Molly’s Nightstand

When Molly’s finally ready to go to sleep, she can store all her things in this bright white, wooden nightstand with cherry red accents to match her bed. The pullout shelf and drawer offer plenty of room for her favorite books, glasses, and more.

Molly’s Nighttime Necessities  

Molly gets ready for bed with these accessories:

  • A hot-water bottle to keep her feet warm
  • An authentic Nancy Drew mystery book from 1944, The Quest of the Missing Map
  • A bedside lamp that really works
  • An alarm clock to help her rise and shine

Molly’s Vanity Table  

While preparing to land the part of Miss Victory, Molly wants nothing more than to have beautiful, curly locks. This vanity set helps her get her wish:

  • A wooden dressing table and fabric-covered stool
  • A fabric skirt that slides open to reveal a storage drawer underneath
  • A decorative, three-panel mirror that sits on top
In Molly’s day, a permanent wave kit cost about $1.25! See all this one includes:
  • A pretend blow dryer that sounds real when switched on
  • A permanent wave box with nine perm rods, a pack of perm papers, and a perm solution bottle
  • A hair net, 24 bobby pins, two tortoiseshell hair combs, a doll-sized hairbrush, and instructions


  1. Awesome! Molly's bed was technically my second ever piece of AG furniture. (My first was the hotel exclusive bed) I have used that bed quite a lot! I don't' however have anything else and I REALLY want her nightstand.

  2. I really miss Molly and her collection.
    The outfits were adorable, as were the furniture and sets.

    Why did they have to retire her?
    She showed Patriotism that could inspire girls today.

    1. Ah yes this is for another post entirely! My guess is we now live in a global society and I'm not sure Patriotism is a big topic anymore. I hope I'm wrong!

    2. Actually, they retired Molly due to her gray eyes. According to the AG Wiki, gray decals are much more susceptible to Silver Eye.
      But in the books, Molly had brown eyes. Why did they give her gray eyes in the first place?

  3. I have everything above and I love all of it. Molly is a very special doll.