Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Question of Storage Space

As a doll collector storage is a real issue. Sure, a doll house or doll room can help house dolls and their daily things, but what about over sized items? Boxes? Horses? Corrals? Vehicles? I have developed a system that works for me, but I am interested in hearing and seeing what has worked for YOU. As always I welcome reader photos and feedback.

I have a doll room. It has three "doll house" walls with multiple levels. This is nice because I am able to devote either a floor or a section to a specific doll.

In the same doll room I have a bookcase for vintage Barbies and recently created a space for the OG minis to live.

My mini structures are housed in the office, but it too is getting a little jammed up. If I'm not careful I'll run out of space.

The overflow is housed in the "secret doll house" and I love this option best. Unfortunately I have only one spare closet and several of us have no spare closets. I had to clear this one out and reconfigure my other closets in order to use it.

I store small boxes or clothing boxes inside AG doll boxes. I have them standing vertically inside the closet over head of my doll room. I hang most of my doll clothes on the closet bar.  

The floor in this closet works as a garage. It houses the bike, scooter, horse and VW.   

Extras clothes find their way into the drawers near the dolls rooms in the doll house levels. 

I try to use these drawers for best friend doll items and miscellaneous things like extra tights, hats and hair accessories.

I am curious as to what works for you. Pictures are worth a thousand words so if you have any unique ideas and suggestions for others, please email me. We would love to see them!!


  1. I'm still trying to figure it out! I wish I had at least one empty closet to use, but alas, not so.

  2. Great storage ideas! I'll see if I can use some of these.