Monday, October 13, 2014

GOTY 2014 Isabelle

Many of you know that I had to exchange Isabelle for wonky eyes, then when I got her back I just didn't bond with her. I know many of you LOVE Isabelle so I am posting some photos of her during the short time she was at my house.

I really do love this outfit and mini Isabelle has her own version.

I made these leg warmers for her.

I also made the yoga mat.

Isabelle's year is almost over. She did get a few items added to her collection : Sparkle Dress and Make up Case.


  1. I wonder if you had kept wonky eyed Isabelle if you would have bonded with her? Just a thought. Also, did you return EVERYTHING Isabelle, or just the doll? Or did you keep a few of the things you liked for your modern dolls and return all the other stuff? You know Isabelle was ok but I'm ready for her to go to the archives. The unoriginal story thing and how she's like Lanie, Mckenna, has pink highlights, it's all too much. I hope next year's GOTY has a more interesting story. Hoping for a disability, but with the movie summary I don't think that'll happen. Maybe she'll have purple highlights next year, lol!!

    1. I returned everything. Didn't see a reason to hang onto it.

  2. It is so interesting that you didn't bond with her
    I never got interested in this doll myself , maybe I'm too
    Old for "cute blonde ballerina" but from your pictures
    I can see that she is a sweet doll!
    Right now I'm just waiting for the new historical:)

  3. Wow. You have lots of problems with getting new dolls! You had to send back Kit's meet dress for a tear in the back, you had to go through THREE Josaphina's ( sorry if that's misspelled ) And a wonky eyed Isabelle!

  4. It's Josefina, AGDolls4ever. I have a friend whose younger sister (we're talking 9-10 yr old range) is OBSESSED with Isabelle. Has a lot of her outfits. I finally got to see exactly how only Isabelle can wear those highlights (clips in her wig cap). I wish AG had been more clear on how they attached.