Tuesday, October 14, 2014

*UPDATE* Paradise Horses - Too Small

Shelly placed an order for the Paradise Spotted Appaloosa horse from Kohl's the same time I did. Her horse arrived today and it is smaller than AG horses. Her invoice said ONE SIZE. I checked my invoice and it said ONE SIZE. I haven't received my horse yet, but Shelly thinks this horse is for 15" - 16" dolls.

I called Kohl's and the CSR could not give me a size. And there isn't one indicated online. 

  I'm giving those of you who ordered a heads up. I'm disappointed, the online description should indicate the size. The blue car didn't have a size listed either, but 18" dolls are riding around in it. I've seen lots of photos.

Another resource for a spotted horse great for Saige. I'll be buying this horse and returning the other back to Kohl's. Frustrating.

The black horse would be great for Kaya.

I had originally wanted this black horse, but the store was out so I got Zachariah instead.


  1. If you go to the Paradisekids.com website it shows that the My Life Doll horse is made by the paradise company. I also bought a paradise horse years ago at Walmart and it was big enough to hold an American Girl Doll.

    1. Yes I have a My Life As...Zachariah. Kohl's.com should indicate horses dimensions on line.

  2. That's too bad. I saw a comment on your previous post saying that he was a foal, so I decided to wait on purchasing one until you posted your review. They should definitely say what size they are. Usually if it's a foal instead of a full sized horse, that is written in the description or even on the box.

  3. too bad, I was looking at one of those for a gift, Our walmart does not have near the MY Life selection yours does

  4. Try ordering online. Sometimes things are cheaper.