Thursday, June 26, 2014

*In Store Report* Meeting Author Sarah Master Buckey - AGPDC

Madelon met AG author Sarah Master Buckey today at a book signing. 

"She grew up two towns away from me. Small world! I will miss Marie Grace."


Sarah Masters Buckey

Sarah Masters Buckey is the author of the Marie-Grace Gardner books: Meet Marie-Grace, Marie-Grace and the Orphans, and Marie-Grace Makes a Difference. She also wrote The Hidden Gold: A Marie-Grace Mystery. Sarah Masters-Buckey was raised in New Jersey and lived in Texas for 15 years. Growing up, she loved swimming and sledding—and reading lots of books! In sixth grade, she was thrilled when her first story was published in her school’s newspaper.

In addition to this latest work, Sarah has written a variety of other books for American Girl. Her Molly® mystery The Light in the Cellar won an Agatha Award for Best Children’s Mystery.

Sarah was nominated for the Agatha Award in 2008 for A Thief in the Theater and in 2005 for The Curse of Ravenscourt. She was nominated for an Edgar Award in 2007 for The Stolen Sapphire.

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  1. Wow! I've read that molly mystery! I wonder how she feels about Those dolls being retired.