Wednesday, June 25, 2014

*On Location* Felicity's Purchase - Part Two

Little Felicity finally made it back home after her trip into town for a purchase at the Commissary.

Do you think you guessed correctly what she bought?

Let's find out...

Brass candle stick holders!

Uh oh.....

Felicity forgot something. Do you know what it is???


After this photo shoot, I brought Felicity home and was shocked to find that the sole of her shoe had fallen off on location!

The location had closed it's doors at 4pm, it was now 4:30pm. I told my husband what had happened and he said we could go back to look for it. When I told him they had already closed, he left anyway! He drove down there and found someone in maintenance. They rode the golf cart on the premises re-tracing my foot steps per the map. 

Felicity and Bosley waited.... 

 35 minutes later in 90-degree heat - he FOUND IT!


  1. You have a really cool husband! :) Glad he found it!

  2. I love the pics of Felicity with the dog. She has such personality, this Felicity. Can't wait to eventually have one of my own. Love the way you have such genuine fun with your girls. If you can't appreciate them like this, why even have them, I say? :)

  3. You have such a great husband! That's so nice of him to do that for you!

  4. Your husband is a real keeper!!!!

  5. Rhonda, AG posted about MyAG #61 and a new coconut outfit on their Instagram account! I'm so excited! Here's the link...

  6. -aginparadise

    Forgot to add that, oops.

  7. That's awesome! So glad you found it.

    During Kaya's trip to Coolspring I was transporting her across the grounds in a bag and when I took her out for the first photo I saw her sunglasses had fallen off. I retraced my steps and was relieved to see that they had fallen off right by our truck. Whew!