Friday, June 27, 2014

Julie & Ivy - Ethology Science Field Trip *Camp*

Sure was a windy day to take a Science field trip, but the girls were excited to learn about the habitat of the Prairie Dogs.

 The girls brought left over french fries from their lunch and the prairie dogs ate them up!!! YUM!

This little guy got the biggest one and refused to share.

According to the Biologist, Prairie Dogs have the most sophisticated vocal language ever decoded. Even better than chimps, dolphins and orcas. They "jump-yip" as a signal to warn the colony of predators.

As soon as the french fries were tossed over the wall, the prairie dogs came out from their burrows.

All of the french fries are GONE time to go back to the cabin. Julie and Ivy definitely made some new friends today.


  1. Love it. So stinking cute. Julie and Ivy are two of my favorites.

  2. Wait, so Julie's skirt set is actually a dress with a peasant shirt over it??? I really want to buy that now!

    1. Maria,
      The dress that Julie is wearing is a Springfield dress. Her skirt set is two pieces.

  3. I love prairie dogs. This was a great field trip.