Saturday, June 28, 2014

*Opening* Julie's Cap and Scarf

MISSED out on this completely, but was able to grab a $19 NIB from eBay a few minutes after sell out. 

I heard that this was on the endangered list along with Julie's casual outfit and flowered jumpsuit! Better get these quick!

Opening Video

 I would like to add after receiving comments about collecting and price increases that as an adult I "can" purchase the things I want from AG, but as a responsible adult I "choose" not to. I think it sends a bad message to younger collectors. We can not have everything that we want in life and for me it wouldn't sit right with me to purchase hundreds of dollars in AG merchandise every week. We all have a budget, some larger than others. 

And is the case with The Broken Doll, there are many children who can not afford a doll of any price. Collecting simply to obtain every single item then complain to lack a place for it, is where I was last summer. I was just consuming masses of stuff and lost the enjoyment of my collection. Sometimes we have to step back away from the dessert table and so my purchases are for items that I really want within my collection and others are omitted.


  1. You make some excellent points. I have lately looked at my collection and wondered whether there isn't a doll or two I could live without, to make some little girl happy. And a few outfits.

    I've noticed that half the thrill is placing orders one I've decided why I want, and the excitement of that -- plus waiting for the mail -- is actually longer lasting than the satisfaction of possessing the items. In most cases, anyway. Some of the outfits are just so pleasurable to look at and possess that the excitement lasts, but on the whole, not all of them. There has to be a cut off point. It can be hard to recognize when we're "full" and pull away from the table.

  2. So cute. Love the rainbow colors on the scarf.