Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY - Doll Trunk/ Murphy Bed Combo + Desk

Little Sissy has no real space or room of her own. After my Doll Room was finished I had to make another area for both Sissy and Sam.

I love the Doll Trunk and Bed storage units from the Queens Treasures, however at $129.99 it's not within my budget.

I have an unused Springfield doll trunk that I converted into a Doll Trunk and Bed combo.

The top drawer holds socks, tights and hats; shoes are stored in the bottom.

Sissy's laying out her bedtime clothes.

 Now she can sleep tight in her cozy bed nook.

 Sissy's bedding : 
Soft Lilac baby blanket from the Dollar Tree and two custom pillows from my etsy shop.

Sissy's bed : foam board and custom sized mattress from my etsy shop.

And in the morning it all tucks away neatly. 

Then the bed becomes a desk.

Now Sissy has her own little space. Not only a Duo bed and closet, but an added desk feature to do art and homework.


  1. Hi Rhonda! This is a great idea and may solve my problem with not having space to set up a room for my doll that I mentioned to you awhile back. Do you think the Journey Girls trunk will also work for this? I saw it on the Toys R Us website for $29.99 which is less than the Springfield trunk and it looks like it is available at a store near me, so I can drive over and pick it up. It looks to be the same set-up as the other trunk and I'm hoping I can do the same thing with it. Thanks! ~ Maria

    1. Maria,
      If the JG trunk you're talking about is like the one from a previous post, I would say YES you can do this!! I'm excited for you. Good luck and have fun!!

    2. Hi Rhonda! Yes, that is the trunk! Thanks so much for checking and confirming back to me! I will let you know how it turns out! :-) ~ Maria