Friday, May 23, 2014

*NEWS* Changes to Addy's Hair

What does this mean?

My experience is that Addy's hair is not difficult to manage at all! It holds braids easily with no need for elastic ties. Her hair is soft and very long.

The new hair style will be what's on the cover of her new books. It appears to be (new) two front side braids pulled back into the original chignon.

*Note her Cowrie Shell Necklace looks to have been shortened in length. (I like it)
While it makes sense as it will work well with her snood, still I'm concerned with the texture changes -if any. She's beautiful the way she is!

Original Pleasant Company Hair Tutorial.

Two questions:
For those of you who have Addy, what are your thoughts about her hair and it's style-ability?

For those of you who want to buy Addy, are hair changes a factor in whether you'll get her NOW or wait for the new Beforever Addy?


  1. I have Addy and I didn't know you had to Comb it cause i always Brushed it. But i see no difference only that my Addy has slighty frizzy Hair. But i find it managable sinc eyou can do ANYTHING with her hair and it is easy to keep neat. Over all i hope they don't change Addy!!


  2. With her new feathered eyebrows, lip color and more brinze skin...I cant wait for the new launch to buy her. She was already on my list but the greyish lined eyebrows bothered me. I am ezcited with her new "enhancements".

  3. I don't have Addy, but I would love to get her sometime next year. If it's just a hairstyle change, I'm okay with it. But changing the texture, that's something different. I would imagine her hair isn't that bad. I have heard people say that the sparkly hair pick that AG recommends doesn't work well. I'm just hoping this change is for the better. Maybe there could be one positive thing about beforever.

  4. Oh Gosh! I really hope they don't change her hair texture. I have been eying Addy for some time. Addy looks like a beautiful girl and she is perfect like you said. (By the way does anyone know any links to Addy reviews that are truthful? Thanks!) Zoë from GlowyZoë

  5. Nooooooo!!!! Don't change Addy! I have Addy, and she's one of the best AG dolls ever made. I love her original story (her time period is my favorite), and she's a super great doll. I totally recommend her.

  6. With what I see, I think Addy will be on purchase list next month.