Saturday, May 24, 2014

*In Store Report* NOLA Archival Sign AGPDC

Madelon sends in sad photos of the NOLA display in the DC store. The announcement of Marie Grace and Cecile's Archiving.

And of course Madelon has a way to cheer me up! Sending in the CUUUTEST photos of my favorite girl (next to Kirsten of course) Julie Albright!!!!

I love this so much! (sigh the VW)
Thanks Madelon!!


  1. Cool! Do Ivy and Ruthie have signs to, or is it just NOLA?

  2. I went on the AG website yesterday,and the archival notes are there,too!

    1. They're really small, but you can see them beside the 'Ways to buy" section on their pages.

  3. I was at AGLA today and didn't notice the signs. Then again…I wasn't looking for them either but all the salespeople were telling us that Cecile, Ruthie, MG and Ivy is being archived because my dd was carrying her around.