Sunday, May 25, 2014

*Reader Photos* Review My Life As Figure Skater

 Linda sends in another review!

"This is a review of the My Life as a Figure Skater, all opinions are my own based on personal experience." 

"I bought this yesterday the price was $14.95. It also comes in red with white trim, and a blue shrug.  I picked the blue outfit because it was the only blue one left in stock."

"The outfit fits very well. The shrug is a little tight, but that might be because my PC Kirsten is slightly plumper than the Mattel dolls."

"I like the outfit, but the material seems easy to snag." 

"The flower on the headband sticks up a little too high, even after spreading it down, so I might sew it down.  I hope this helps anyone who might be interested in buying this outfit."

Great review Linda!!

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