Monday, May 26, 2014

Do You Collect Tea Party Sets?

In a previous post we saw a small photo of Samantha from the video the Beginning of Forever. 

I noticed she had a small tea cup next to her hand and what looks like an Old Country Rose pattern tea pot in the background. 

I stopped into a local children's boutique and fell in love with the tea sets they had $23.00 each.

I'm curious, do any of you collect tea sets for you 18" dolls? I would love to see YOUR collection. Please submit photos to:

Subject: Tea


  1. I love the fairy dishes! We are a tea time collecting and drinking family. I would love this set! It matches the 18"doll set from The Queens Treasures!

  2. yes I do... we don't have a very strong collection more bits and pieces than sets!


  3. These tea sets are very pretty. I love the cases they come in. The price seems reasonable as well. My daughter has a miniature Tinker Bell porcelain tea set. They are the perfect size for her 18" dolls.

  4. The sets are very pretty, but I don't collect tea sets. We may have 1 human sized tea set, but that's it.

  5. I have a tea set for my dolls. It is glass with little angel on it .

  6. Sort of. I have a couple of different sets for my dolls. The latest I found at a yard sale for $2! Love it.

  7. although I used to collect tea sets which I plan to start again
    I never thought of finding a doll sized one! mine is a little too big plus I'm missing 2 pieces
    I dropped the cup and it shattered and I'm missing the sugar lid. but its really cute! I might take some pics of it later