Monday, May 26, 2014

*Reader Photos* Found Kit at Garage Sale!

Hi Rhonda!
I am an avid reader of your blog. I thought you'd like to know about my great Memorial Day garage sale find! I got Kit with all of her clothes for $50!

She has the sweetest face I've ever seen. Unfortunately this means that now I have two meet outfits. I'll probably be selling one soon... 

Kit now joins my (ever-increasing) doll family! 

Beautiful collection Alexandra. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Congratulations! 


  1. Oh if only I could find a doll at a garage sale! I wish I could get Kit to, because I have Lindsey. I would love to have Kit, but since she's just a blond haired Lindsey, I don't want to pay $110 to get a twin doll. Off to e-bay I guess!

  2. Awesome! I got an awesome deal of a perfect PM Addy, Penny, and Kit's desk for $50 this weekend, seems like a lot of people got good deals recently.

  3. Awesome find! I keep looking for something like that...maybe one day. :) Congratulations again!