Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Make Felicity's Colonial Tri-Corn Hat

  I love Felicity's retired riding habit with matching Tri-Corn hat.  It's difficult to find and usually expensive. I decided to make one using my HTM Basic Hat tutorial then adding a few pieces of black felt.

Cut the template out three times on black felt, then hot glue the felt pieces at the base of your hat, connecting them at their ends. Hot glue cording along the top of these pieces and tuck a feather in the back so it is facing backward.  

 I had to cut the bottom of my hat a bit more angular so it dipped down more in front and gradually shortened on the sides.



  1. I might make this for Felicity so she can ride her horse Peanut......cute craft!

  2. this is so neat!
    i am going to do it super soon!

  3. Colonial Williamsburg has a tutorial on how to make the Tricorn hats for kids which could probably be adapted to a AG size hat. 2nd link is interesting information on colonial hat styles