Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kirsten: An American Girl *Library Event*

 A LOT of photos - (I took as many as I could) from
 "Kirsten: An American Girl" event at two of our branch libraries.

 I did a small presentation about pioneer life and shared about Kirsten's story. I spoke about day to day life, farming challenges due to weather, immigrant challenges and learning a new language. 


***DAY ONE***
We did crafts and had plenty of activity sheets on hand. 

Clothes pin doll craft

Frog and lily pad craft

Game prize tickets spent in the mercantile.



Kirsten with Puddles 


***DAY TWO***

 Briefly telling Kirsten's story.

Re-enacting a mystery in Berkoff's General store. 

 Lining up for the clothes pin drop game.



 We had a wonderful time!

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