Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To Make - Marie Grace's Canopy Bed

I was thumbing through the large over sized AG Holiday catalog and stopped on Marie Grace's page. Her bed is amazing! If you re-call in a previous post I showed you how my husband and I made Felicity's four poster bed. I thought I would try making Marie Grace's canopy bed using USPS Large Flat Rate rectangular boxes.

First let's take a look at Marie Grace's $125 canopy bed....
 I have an in-depth VIDEO on how I did this, but I am also posting photos to give you a closer look. I cut out the shape of the "sleigh" on both sides of her bed then cut both the head and foot boards. 

Bent both of them upward then reinforced each with extra card board on the inside.

I added a curved arch to act as the canopy. 

I also wanted to re-create Kirsten's (retired) bed. I plan to collect every single item in Kirsten's collection. She is the ONLY doll I have chosen to spend the time and money on obtaining her entire collection - simply because she is my favorite. However in the meantime I thought I would make her a temporary bed and show you how easy this project can be!

Let's take a look at Kirsten's (retired) bed....

Here I traced and cut out both the arch and heart from the head and foot boards.

 Bending both upwards I reinforced both ends with extra card board (HOT GLUE!!!) 

 Once both beds were "built" I began painting: powder blue for Marie Grace with brown trim. I decoupaged the pretty rose decals onto both the head and foot boards.

 I added water bottle caps on all four corners for "feet"

I did the same for Kirsten's -- painted it, added feet then decoupaged her decals onto only the foot board.

I did not paint the interior since the mattresses will go inside.
Here are the finished beds!


 If you would like to re-create these beds, here are the decals to print and cut then decoupage!


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